April 2009

On May 10th, ФАНАГОРIA will participate at the “Flower for Gosho 2009” festival, dedicated to Georgi Minchev. The event will be in South Park , Sofia and keeps the tradition to be held every year.


November 2008

ФАНАГОРIA participated in the first round of choosing a Bulgarian song for Eurovision 2009 and was ranked to continue

With 28% of the votes of BNT 1 viewers. The song is called LOVE NEVER ENDS and is performed together with the opera singer MILENA PEEVA. The next round is on November 20, 2008 and will be broadcasted directly on BNT 1

From 20:50 hours!


October 2007

The guitarist Ivan Angelov joins ФАНАГОРIA to replace Boris Stanishev, who decides to experience life in England.

The group thanked Bobby and wished him success, but still to come back to Bulgaria!


October 2007

Georgi Gochev decided to leave the band due to family and other reasons. ФАНАГОРIA tests different drummers to replace him.


December 2006

The video “Who am I now” is ready and you can view it on the site !!!!!


September 2006

The new song “Baba Yaga” has already a finished version and made a debut on radio Z-Rock! You can listen to the song here!


September 2006

ФАНАГОРIA is working on the realise of a video for the song “Who am I Now”, along with Stein Studio.

It affects the topics of shiny ads, shows and brainwashing. Part of the video coming soon on the website!


June 2006

At the beginning of June 2006, the band took part in the Bojurishte Rock Festival, organized by the Barbarians.

At the end of the month, with its performance at the July Morning Festival, it once again smashed the apathy of the casually observing from afar the scene in South Park.


May 2006

On May 11th, 2006, ФАНАГОРIA will take part in a concert  supporting the Bulgarian medics in Libya.

The concert is in  “Universiada” hall, and many other Bulgarian groups will participate.


January 2006

By the end of February 2006, will be ready  the video of the song “Why”.

This will be one of the few live concerts in Bulgaria with a live sound.

You will be able to see part of the video on the website.


October 2005

Since October 2005, the bassquitarist  Misho Bonev  has joined ФАНАГОРIA, he replaced Biser Batov.

Misho pulls the wires tight, loves Black Sabbath and handles things wеll.

The group is grateful to Biser, who has been in ФАНАГОРIA since the beginning.


July 2005

The song “Between Love and Freedom” entered the “Bulgarian Top 100”. This is ФАНАГОРIA’s third song, which ranks after the “Jiva Voda” and “Here and Now” – Bulgarian Football March.


June 2005

ФАНАГОРIA is currently preparing for the “Berkstok 2005” and “Rock in Rila” festivals.


April 2005

ФАНАГОРIA will take part in the “Flower for Gosho” Festival, dedicated to Georgi Minchev.

The event will be held on May 8th, Sunday, from 16.00  hrs. in South Park, Sofia.


February 2005

ФАНАГОРIA presented the song “Between Love and Freedom” in the Slavi Show for the Ku Ku  Academy Competition.

Composer Ivan Tsanov was ranked among the 30 finalists of a total of over 600 participants.


October 2004

A DVD has been prepared to reflect the band’s participation in the “Rock Festival in Rila 2004”.

It is expected to be ready in early 2005.


August 2004

On September 4th, 2004, ФАНАГОРIA will participate in the festival “Rock in Rila”, which will be held on 3 and 4 September 2004 in Beli Iskar near Borovets resort.


July 2004

On 30.07.2004, Friday, ФАНАГОРIA will take part in the “Berkstock Music Festival “ in Berkovitsa.

The festival starts at 17.00 hours.


May 2004

Search for the first ФАНАГОРIA maxi single in Rhythm magazine May 2004

The compact disc contains the “Here and Now” – Bulgarian Football March and four more compositions.

The promotion took place on  June 2nd, 2004,  in  rock club “Maskata”.