About the group

FANAGOPIA began to form as a separate group of musicians playing in a different formations since mid-1999. After 2000, more serious activity and first performances began.

The first single the band started with is the ballad “Jiva Voda“, which is also ФАНАГОРIA’s first video. A major part of the photos were taken on the stage of the Stefan Makedonski Music Theater. The song entered the Bulgarian Top 100 ranking and stayed there for 4 weeks. It was presented and performed “live” in the Flirt show on BBT television and “East of Paradise” show of  Niki Kanchev on Darik Radio.

The strength of the band is in the live performance and apart from original songs, it also performs many cover songs of the Western bands. The band has taken participation in club shows, mostly in the country, and in Sofia in the Mask, Treasure, Kokaracha, Cult, the former “Off Side” and the current “Fans”. ФАНАГОРIA took part in the July Morning, Berkstock, Rock Predela, Flower for Gosho and Rock in Rila festivals.

In March 2004 photos were shot on the second video “Between Love and Freedom“. It is realized by a team of “Scenario Workshop“. The main action is on a moving truck, a group of 20 statisticians and two actors also participates.

In May 2004, was released the first Maxi-single of the band “HERE AND NOW” containing 5 compositions. It Contains the football march, two video clips and two bonuses. It is distributed in 5000 copies. in collaboration with RYTHM magazine in the May 2004 issue.

In the beginning of February 2005, a concert DVD was presented on the occasion of the participation in the “Rock in Rila” Festival 2004, which reflected ФАНАГОРIA live.