Fanagoria supports iHELP

Fanagoria supports iHELP
May 4, 2019 ФАНАГОРIA

FANAGORIA rock band joins the iHELP Bulgaria initiative with the motto “Don’t be with a cool heart!” In fact, this is a counterpoint to the title of the band’s new song, which is called “It’s Cool To My Heart,” and many of the musicians who have been with the band over the years have been involved.

A society is as strong as the level of mutual assistance between its members. FANAGORIA supports the iHELP mobile application, which saves lives. Don’t be with a cold heart!

You can read more about the project here.

The main actors are vocalists Georgi Handzhiev and Verginia Bachvarova. This is a rock duo or rather a rock duel on the eternal theme of man-woman-love-hate. It takes almost a year to go from idea to realization, especially because everyone is sticking to their schedules with different activities. Georgi Handzhiev is a soloist at the State Music Theater “Stefan Makedonski” and has been touring abroad many months a year, and Verginia has a similar fate on the rock scene where the talent has given her place. And the result is FANAGORIA’s first duet song, with the two vocalists of the band who were at different times and now together for the first time.

The video “Cool is My Heart” will appear on the band’s website on May 10th.

The rest of the participants as well as Georgi are of the classical composition – guitarist Ivan Tsanov, bassplayer Misho Bonev and drummer Georgi Gotchev. “It’s Cool To My Heart” also opens up ideas for more songs, and perhaps an album as the band ponders to release the songs recorded in the opening period of FANAGORIA. Because then the band released only one maxi single with 5 songs, among which the song “Here and Now – The Football March”, while the other songs remained unreleased. Anyway, the new FANAGORIA period has already begun and everyone hopes to go beyond what was achieved in the first.


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