The Number video is out now!

The Number video is out now!
December 26, 2022 ФАНАГОРIA

The number is one of the last records of FANAGORIA with the vocalist Georgi Khandzhiev, who has been prevented from active activities with the group for a long time. FANAGORIA hopes that through this song and its video, it will attract the attention of a suitable vocalist with whom the band can continue to act.
The group worked for 6 months on the creation of the clip together with Menigi Production. The subject of the video is not new, but it seems to have been forgotten and the group decided to remind it. And the text itself fit very well with the music, and so the idea for the script came quite easily, unlike the realization. But the most important thing is for FANAGORIA to find a new vocalist with whom to realize their new projects.


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