The album 13 Centuries Later is out on 31 Jan

The album 13 Centuries Later is out on 31 Jan
January 19, 2020 ФАНАГОРIA

FANAGORIA’s album 13th Century Later  is ready! On January 31, 2020, with a digital platform release, followed by a CD release soon after that.

The album will feature 11 of the band’s songs that carry on the concept of “13 Centuries Later” – the link between antiquity and modernity. History, philosophy, feelings, dreams, fairytales – these are the foundations of the lyrics. And the music is unlimited in every respect, but still in the rock-hard-heavy range.

The digital version will be available on most music platforms starting January 31 and will include the following songs, some of which are already known:

Who I am now
I wake up in my dream
Last battle
Between love and freedom
Living water
The new messiah
Baba Yaga
The valley of the fairy

The CD version will contain illustrated material for each song and additional 2 bonus songs:

It’s Cool to My Heart (with singer Verginia Bachvarova, a song supporting iHELP Bulgaria)
Here and now – Bulgarian Football March (a song about football – with a memory of the good old days and with hope for the future)


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